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Services & Fees

Regarding insurance, we are an out of network provider and do not participate with any insurance companies directly.  This means that if you have out of network benefits, the services are paid up front by you and we provide you with the information needed to submit your claims to your insurance company for self reimbursement.  Please call your insurance company to inquire about your out of network benefits.  Every insurance company is different and has different deductibles, reimbursement rates, and procedures for submitting claims.  Someone in your insurance company should be more than willing to go over your mental health benefits with you and explain this process further. 

Some insurance companies also offer single case agreements for out of network providers, which you can also inquire about by contacting them directly.  This is sometimes done when you are unable to find a specialist, such as a psychiatrist, in your plan that has immediate appointments available to you.  The insurance company will issue you a certain amount of approved visits per year and let you know the amount of reimbursement you can receive as the services are still paid in full up front by the patient.

*Psychiatric Evaluations by Psychiatrist

$450.00  ($500.00 school evals)

*Autism Diagnostic Evaluation (ADOS)

 $350.00 each hour (Julie Tropeano)

*Psychiatric Evaluations- by Nurse


*Neurodevelopmental Evaluations

 $Call for pricing (Julie Tropeano only)

*Suboxone/Addiction Treatment Eval

$450.00 (Dr. Zaidi only)

*Medication Management- up to 45 mins

$250.00 (Psychiatrist) 
$200.00 (Nurses)

*Medication Management- up to 30 mins

$175.00 (Psychiatrist) 
$150.00 (Nurses)

*Emergency School Clearance

$175.00 current patients $450.00 new


$175.00 one hour $140.00 45 mins 

*Suboxone/Addiction Follow Up

$100.00 every 15 mins

*Phone Consultations

$75.00 - every 15 mins

*Group Therapy Sessions

$50.00-75.00 (depending on time)

*Group Therapy Session- 1.5 hours

* In-Home Therapy Sessions- 1 hour



*We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check or Cash for the above services.  We do not offer a sliding scale, but payment arrangements can be considered for follow up patients by contacting the office.

Please feel free to contact us at 
732-761-1900 with any questions.   
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