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A neurodevelopmental evaluation involves a battery of tests used to assess cognitive and behavioral functions, and identify areas of cognitive impairment.

These evaluations help identify communication, behavioral, social, or other developmental concerns including autism spectrum disorder. The Neurodevelopmental evaluations are conducted by Julie Tropeano, Nurse Practitioner.  She specializes in the integrative treatment of ADHD, autism and related conditions, including Tourette's Syndrome, sensory disorders, and behavioral problems. 

This evaluation may include standard IQ and academic achievement testing, and/or behavioral rating scales, neurodevelopmental evaluations involve a series of tests that examine the many thinking skills that affect learning, social interactions, and other behaviors. 

We look at the child’s abilities as they relate to attention and executive functioning, which includes the ability to plan, organize, strategize, pay attention to details, and maintain attention over time.

All historical information will be reviewed and discussed and initial findings will be provided. 

Fee is $1,650 and services include brief, problem-focused treatments for social, behavioral, and developmental problems

  • Referrals for Genetic Testing
  • Referals for Speech and Language evaluations
  • Referrals for Occupational Therapy Evaluation
  • Referrals for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • Referrals for psychological counseling and social skills group  

Preparing for your visit:

In most cases a psychiatric evaluation will need to be conducted prior to any referral for Neurodevelopmental testing. 

Bring copies of all School reports, consultations, and medical records.

When contacting your insurance carrier to inquire about your out of network reimbursement for these test, provide them with codes 99241 through 99245 for the assessment, code 96111 for developmental testing and code 96110 for developmental screening.

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